How One Women Bought A House Selling Telegram Nudes

How One Women Bought A House Selling Telegram Nudes

Selling nudes online is nothing new. Many women are doing it now through sites like OnlyFans or on SnapChat. It’s a way to make some extra cash and get your name out there.

But for one woman, it became a full-time hustle that allowed her to buy a house with her money. The way she did it was by selling nude pictures of herself online through a private Telegram group—and then using the profits from those photos to pay off her mortgage.

Joining The Telegram Group

The story started when Ana, who preferred to only be identified by her first name, joined a Telegram group called “Nudes Empire,” which is consistently rated one of the best telegram nudes groups.

She says she had no idea what to expect but decided to join anyway because she thought it would be fun. What she didn’t know at the time, was that this group would change her life forever.

“I didn’t really think about how people might perceive me,” Ana said. “It was just something I enjoyed doing for myself.”

At first, she posted a few nude pictures of herself here and there in the group, but eventually, she got more comfortable sharing them. And as she shared more of herself, she noticed other women starting to post their own photos. Soon enough, Ana realized that she could earn an income from posting her naked body on a website—and making money from other people viewing it.

She began earning $100 dollars per picture. She wasn’t being paid directly by viewers, but rather by the page admins. This meant she would receive around 50% of the profit made from ads displayed on her profile.

Creating Her Own Groups

But after a while, even that wasn’t enough. So Ana decided to take things further, and she created a separate Telegram group and social media accounts for her work.

This new account gave her access to a whole different group of viewers. And Ana’s business grew rapidly. She was able to raise her rates up to $200 per photo, which was still much lower than she wanted to go. As she continued to grow her following, Ana noticed that she was getting more attention from men. Some of them were married, but many weren’t. And these men had a lot of money.

“I remember thinking it seemed odd to be receiving so much attention from people who I assumed wouldn’t have any interest in my real life,” Ana said.

And this turned out to be true for most of the men she encountered. Most of them never even tried to meet Ana in person. Instead, they’d ask her to send over additional photos for free. Others would ask for Skype sessions where they could watch her masturbate and play with herself. And they were all willing to pay a lot for that.

Earning Even More

Ana had been keeping track of how much she was earning each week, and she knew exactly how much she needed to earn every month to pay off her mortgage. So she started asking the men to pay her more if they wanted to see more. At first, she asked for $500 per session, but that quickly escalated to $1000. Eventually, she was charging $2000 for a full hour of webcam time.

That was nearly three times what she was making before, but Ana felt confident it would be worth it in the end. Plus, she was enjoying the attention so much that she didn’t care.

Paying Off Her Mortgage

After several months of working so hard, Ana was finally able to pay off her mortgage entirely. She’d earned the entire amount that she owed in less than five months.

“When I paid off my mortgage, it was such a surreal moment,” Ana said. “I was standing in front of my computer screen looking at the numbers and realizing that I actually did it. And it felt incredible.”

Ana has since moved on from her work as a camgirl, but she still continues to share nude pictures online. “It’s not something I want to do forever, but right now, it’s giving me the freedom to live the life I’ve always wanted. And I’m so grateful for that,” she said.

“I don’t feel like I need the money anymore, but I enjoy knowing that I can keep doing it if I ever need to.”